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Tell us what you think!

Effective Interprofessional Teams in Managing Chronic Conditions

The Eastern Pennsylvania-Delaware Geriatric Education Center (EPaD GEC) is funded by the Department of Human and Health Services Grant #D31HP08834

Lauren Collins, MD
Leigh Ann Hewston, PT, MEd.
Molly A. Rose, RN, CRNP, PhD

Christine Arenson, MD, Nancy L. Chernett, MPH, Christine Hsieh, MD, Ina Li, MD, E. Adel Herge, MS, OTR/L, Tarae Waddell-Terry, MS

Approximately 120 million Americans have one or more chronic illnesses and more than 70-80 percent of health care costs are expended on the care of patients with chronic disease. The increase prevalence of chronic conditions, particularly among the elderly, has led to new models of chronic care management. Management of chronic conditions focus on treating the disease, but also managing its symptoms and improving the function and quality of life of the patients. New practice guidelines continue to evolve in caring for patients with chronic conditions. Collaboration among health professionals is a new approach in caring for patients with chronic conditions---particularly forming a partnership between caregivers and patients. This collaborative model in managing patients with chronic conditions will enable patients to take an active role in their own care.

This presentation will cover an important area of chronic conditions which all health care professionals should focus on in order to improve geriatric care.

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