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Tell us what you think!

Reichel's Care of the Elderly
Clinical Aspects of Aging
6th Edition

Edited by:

    Christine Arenson
    Jefferson Medical College, Philadelphia

    Jan Busby-Whitehead
    University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

    Kenneth Brummel-Smith
    Florida State University

    James G. O'Brien
    University of Louisville, Kentucky

    Mary H. Palmer
    University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

    William Reichel
    Georgetown University, Washington DC
The sixth edition remains the pioneering text for the practising physician confronted with the unique problems of an increasingly elderly population. Dr William Reichel’s formative text is designed as a practical and useful guide for health specialists from medical students to practicing physicians. This book is not a collection of subspecialty chapters but rather emphasizes the clinical management of the geriatric patient with simple to complex problems. The editors have reviewed every chapter and have included the most up-to-date advances in the care of the elderly. New chapters include hormonal therapy in post-menopausal women, drug therapy for Alzheimer’s sufferers, alternative medicine, the chronic understaffing of nursing homes, management of delirium, and ethical issues. Comprehensive and written for any clinicians caring for older patients (including family physicians, general internists, nurse practitioners, geriatricians, and other specialists), this esteemed text provides practical and trusted advice.

· Essential principles in care for the elderly allow the reader to understand the importance of doctor-patient dynamic in geriatrics · Includes other considerations not often covered in other books, such as long-term care, elder abuse, driving, ethnic diversity · Covers ethical issues, utilizing case studies to outline the importance of compassionate care and justice for the elderly